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** This item can be shipped or picked up from our Melbourne, Ontario store. You might also be interested in our Gift Baskets, so feel free to look at them as well.**


This Gift Box includes:

1 x 250 mL jars of Jam, Jelly, and/or Marmalade,

1 x 490 mL Pickle (Cauliflower, Sweet, Bread & Butter, Dilled Carrots)

one dozen 4 & 20 Blackbirds® Shortbread Cookies (either Scottish Shortbread, Flakemeal (Oatmeal), or Lemon Shortbread)

and a selection of Cookies, Fudge, Chocolates, and Candies.


This is all packed into a box stamped with In A Jam, with coloured tissue and crinkle fill, with a silver elastic loop wrapped around the outside. If you choose to ship the box, we will wrap any items that are glass on glass to ensure safe transport, and then wrap the box in brown paper before applying the shipping label. We strive to have boxes to Canada Post within one to two business days. 


Every box is unique, and can contains different items, fill/tissue colour, and basket/box than shown. If there is a particular request you have, please include it in the comments at checkout.


If this item is shipped, we will happily include a note on your behalf. Please include what you would like the note to say, and if you would like a Holiday themed card, or a all-season card. You are also welcome to drop off a note to be included. Be sure to mention this in the comments so that we do not ship it right away without it. If you are picking up your order, you are welcome to select a festive note card at the time of pickup.