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A perfect little gift to say "I am thinking of you". 

This box includes:

2 x 250 mL jars of Jam, Jelly, or Marmalade. 

Hot Chocolate, Shortbread, Wafer Rolls, and a reusable bamboo spoon. 

* If you would like to select the 250 mL Jam, Jelly, or Marmalade you would like included, please leave a message at checkout with what you are looking for. 

* If you are selecting to ship this item, the wafer rolls will be replaced with a couple truffles so that it will fit in the box. The spoon will be tucked in the box as well, and will be shipped wrapped in paper. 

* If you would like a note included, please indicate that in the notes at the checkout page, with what you would like the note to say, and if you would prefer it on a Holiday themed card, or a all-season card.